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Becoming a Digital Nomad in Thailand

Affordable in terms of lifestyle, the beauty of climate, and freedom garnished with islands, Thailand has become the center of attraction for everyone wanting to work as a digital nomad. When everything is digital, one of the rising questions in many minds is “Why Thailand”? The core reasons are that it provides a great quality of life combined with the eighth fastest internet access – with an average speed of 19.9Mbps.


“The ever-growing international community in the country is making it the number one destination for the nomads.”


Online income ideas and approaches to work as a digital nomad in Thailand

No matter in which part of the world you reside, the internet offers a number of platforms that are enriched with opportunities that can help earn online with minimum investment. Some of the great online earning approaches while sitting in Thailand starts with the platforms as below;


  • Blogging

Planning to work as a digital nomad in Thailand is not difficult. There are co-working spaces that can help individuals in gaining motivation for work. If you are a beginner, starting with travel blogging can be a plus point in your career. This is because Thailand has a lot to explore by staying in its own comfort zone. When starting with blogging, you will always need the web address and web hosting to have your complete blogging setup. This means a lot of hard work and effort is required at the beginning. Therefore, it is suggested, to begin with, the capital of the country, i.e. ‘Bangkok’. The core reason being it allows working remotely due to the availability of numerous co-working spaces and coffee shops.


For obtaining the decent VPS hosting, one should choose to have fast local hosting as it will help in creating a successful website and therefore make you a successful freelancer.


  • Digital Consultant

Whether through your own website or a digital marketplace, being an online consultant can be flexible, rewarding, and quite profitable. If you are great at something, sharing your skills online could be a fantastic way to get away from 9-5 working and discover more enjoyment from your work.


  • Developer or Programmer

As things are expanding in Thailand, the need for specialists to create websites and custom apps on a private server is increasing. However, when doing this as a digital nomad, you do not need to only provide these services to one country. With the right promotion, a few good reviews, and hard work … you could soon be making a lot of money online while living in an affordable location.


  • Youtube

If you want to earn more passive amounts, YouTube is one of the platforms you should step up. This platform is open to anyone who has the skills of creating videos and of course a content that is worth any other already published. If you are a travel blogger, you can get a lot to capture in Thailand as it is known for the beauties it carries. From islands to cafes and hotels, none can deny the beauty of the country. This will require the least investment, i.e. a laptop and access to the internet are all that is required. When doing it from Thailand, this will add value to what you are sharing with your targeted audience.


  • Instagram

You might be thinking that how can we earn money from Instagram? But you can indeed earn money from Instagram. For earning a handsome amount every month from Instagram, it is a must to have great followers and preferably a lot of them. The earning process in this platform goes like a code is given to you for advertising a product from your account (such as affiliate codes). Whenever anyone purchases a product from that particular code, you get a commission. The better the reputation you gain, the more are the chances for making money.


  • Affiliate Marketing

You may have come across this common term that helps in earning huge commissions by selling a product or service on behalf of someone. Starting with an Amazon affiliate marketing account is also beneficial. The fastest internet connectivity in Thailand is what helps the affiliate marketers in Thailand to gain success and achieve their business goals.


Tips to keep in mind for being a freelancer in Thailand

Starting up as a freelancer in Thailand is beneficial due to the availability of extensive co-working places and cafes along with the fastest internet connectivity that is the key for freelancers success. If you dream of working as a freelance blogger in Thailand, you’ll need to cut down the red tape for the work visa.

When it’s about working as a freelancer in Thailand, you may not be able to legally work in Thailand even if you have a non-immigrant B visa. But some companies help with the visa and later get the 12-month multiple entries along with a work permit as a freelancer. What you may need will be your passport and some cash in hand and of course all the important documents.


New Thai Visa for High-Income Nomads

There is a category of visas in Thailand for everyone. When it’s about a digital nomad, if one is managing a shop online, he/she may not require a work permit during his stay in Thailand. Even if he has been somewhere else, Thailand allows one to continue with being the director. There are some rules to this, so it is best to check with a local agent of lawyer at the time you want to move (laws and rules not only change, but can often be flexible or unclear)

In most cases, a digital nomad will need a work permit. Freelancer companies and lawyers can help to set this up for you in an affordable way.
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