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The Best Electric Contact Grills
of the Year 2023

Discover the Top-Rated Electric Contact Grills of the Year

Sizzle your way to deliciousness with electric contact grills! They offer a quick and easy way to cook up scrumptious hot sandwiches, succulent steaks, or anything else you can dream of. Enjoy the convenience of making restaurant-style meals from the comfort of home without breaking a sweat – these fast heaters deliver mouthwatering results in no time flat! So don’t lose out on all the features that Electric Contact Grills can offer.

These are top 10 The best Electric Contact Grills for 2023

BRUNO Compact Hot Plate

1. BRUNO Compact Hot Plate - BOE021 - 8 Plate

Take your cooking to the next level with BRUNO’s Compact Hot Plate - BOE021 - 8 Plate. This powerful hot plate is perfect for fast, efficient and versatile cooking. With its eight separate heating elements, you can cook two dishes at once – perfect for meal prepping or when you need to cook for a crowd. Plus, it features an adjustable thermostat to help you control the heat and a cool-touch body so you don't accidentally burn yourself. Get your food cooked faster with BRUNO’s Compact Hot Plate - BOE021 - 8 Plate!
Smokeless fish grill

2. Smokeless fish grill, gas, charcoal

Enjoy a delicious fish meal any time with a Smokeless Fish Grill. This versatile cooking appliance is designed to help you grill your favorite fish dishes with ease over gas or charcoal. It features a non-stick aluminum construction and adjustable temperatures to let you cook your food just the way you like it. Plus, its portable design makes it perfect for taking on camping trips or fishing adventures. Get delicious results every time with a Smokeless Fish Grill!
cooker with grilled pan

3. HAFELE Double induction cooker with grilled pan set 495.06.148

Indulge in delicious cooking with the HAFELE Double induction cooker and grilled pan set, featuring a contemporary ivory PBT white crystal glass hob that is sure to add style to your kitchen. Intuitive touch knob control offers nine power temperature levels for maximum versatility, while an easy-to-clean BBQ plate and lid made from aluminium die casting ensure meals are prepared quickly. Not only does it automatically shut off if lacking pot but also has 99 mins time setting - perfect for busy lifestyles! Plus don't forget you can even remove the grill entirely allowing you cook with just the top surface of this powerful TISI 1641-2552 certified appliance

Find the Perfect Electric Contact Grills for Your Home - Our Top 4-10 Picks Reviewed!

Whether you’re grilling burgers or paninis, finding the perfect electric contact grill for home use can be overwhelming. Our review simplifies your search with our top 4-10 picks carefully assessed so you can find the one that meets all of your needs!

Electric Kebab Grill

4. Electric Kebab Grill Model GY-25E

Discover the delicious, new possibilities for your cooking with GY-25E Electric Kebab Grill! This premium stainless steel appliance grills meats like beef and pork as well as vegetables and seafood to perfect temperatures of 50C - 300. Plus, it is powered by a 3KW motor that can rotate its grill axis at frequency of up to 50 Hz so you get even results every time! And although this compact machine measures only 30 x 30 x 48 cm., its box size is an impressive 36 x 37 X 54 cm. Still not convinced? Its light weight (only 5kg) will have you moving around in no time while creating memorable dishes sure to please any crowd.
De'Longhi Barbecue

5. De'Longhi Barbecue Grill Model BQ60.X

Make your grilling experience effortless with the De'Longhi Barbecue Grill Model BQ60.X. Boasting 1900 watts of power and two adjustable grille heights, you can create perfect meals every time. Plus, its non-stick aluminum grille ensures even cooking, while a removable food crumb tray makes cleanup simple. Feel safe and secure thanks to its cool handle that allows for easy lifting and carrying. And an on-off switch adds an extra layer of control for precise results. Get delicious results with the De'Longhi Barbecue Grill Model BQ60.X!
Rainbowhotsale electric

6. Rainbowhotsale electric grill model EG-811E, EG-813

Enjoy easy and worry-free grilling with the Rainbowhotsale electric grill model EG-811E and EG-813. With 2000-3500W of power, you can achieve a heat of 50-300 degrees Celsius to make your favorite meals in no time. Choose from two different designs when it comes to size - 313721 and 573721 - and rest assured that a Teflon board makes for effortless cleanup. Plus, its thick steel plate makes it durable and strong so you can cook delicious results every time! Get free delivery and start grilling today with Rainbowhotsale electric grill model EG-811E and EG-813!
RogerAttina multi-purpose

7. RogerAttina multi-purpose grill

The RogerAttina multi-purpose grill offers a range of features for cooking success. With single control 5 bulbs, it is sized at 570*280*440mm and has 750W power that allows you to cook up to 15 sausages in just 3 minutes – saving energy all the while! For those who need more options though, there's also double control 7 tubes size 580 * 340 * 480 mm with 1000 W power that can test 21 sausages simultaneously. The rotating baking feature ensures even heat distribution whilst its shaft design prevents jamming during operation and finished off with an intelligent temperature controlling panel plus yellow light indicator makes this amazing appliance one not too be missed out on!
HOMEMATE Electric Barbecue

8. HOMEMATE Electric Barbecue Grill 2 Plates Model HOM-112371

Gather the whole family around with HOMEMATE's 2-sided tabletop electric BBQ grill! You can enjoy grilling at a constant power and customize your heat level to suit any recipe. And not only is it equipped with an extra large cooking area of 280 x 457 mm, but you'll also never have to worry about sticky messes – its non-stick coating ensures that all food slides off easily so nothing burns or becomes over saturated in oil. With two sides for versatility and even heating throughout - plus a safety lock system for added security - this powerful 2200 watt grill will quickly become your go-to choice when looking to add some flavor into every gathering!
Smokeless gas

9. Smokeless gas grill with 6 infrared burners HB-206

Enjoy your outdoor cooking with the HB-206 Smokeless Gas Grill! This incredible 6 burner infrared grill lets you prepare hot, succulent meals safely and efficiently. Experience great heat distribution while saving on gas cost – no flame or soot necessary!. Your cookouts will also remain mess free thanks to its stainless steel cover and burner head which prevents food scraps or dripping oil stains from occurring. Measuring at 77x40x19 cm in size along with a 78 x 25cm sieve size and 74cm water tray, this barbecue is perfect for grilling juicy pork satays, squid skewers - even chicken wings! Perfectly suited for family gatherings as well as flea markets & merchants alike due to its affordability without compromising quality.
Alectric Plus Smokeless

10. Alectric Plus Smokeless Electric Grill 3 in 1 Model SG1-X2

Introducing the Alectric Plus Smokeless Electric Grill 3 in 1 Model SG1-X2, your perfect all-in-one solution for everything from grilling delicious meals to boiling takoyaki. This versatile appliance can adjust its temperature according to whatever you're cooking, and features a unique water tray detection function that won't let it run without installation or incorrect setup – so no need to worry about overshorting! The adjustable grill and hot pot temperature settings further add convenience with an extensive range of 60 - 210 degrees Celsius; never be underprepared again!

What should I pay attention when i want to buying a good Electric Contact Grills?

If you’re on the hunt for a top-notch electric contact grill, there are several factors to consider. From temperature control and size of cooking surface area to wattage output and ease of cleaning, make sure all boxes are checked before deciding which one is right for your kitchen!

FAQ About Electric Contact Grills

Our research shows that the following 5 Electric Contact Grills are the best.
  1. BRUNO Compact Hot Plate – BOE021 – 8 Plate​

  2. Smokeless fish grill, gas, charcoal

  3. HAFELE Double induction cooker with grilled pan set 495.06.148

  4. Electric Kebab Grill Model GY-25E

  5. De’Longhi Barbecue Grill Model BQ60.X

Seeking the perfect contact grill to help you tackle your cooking challenges? Look no further – here is our recommendation for the best of the best!

Learning to use a contact grill is as easy as 1-2-3! Grill delicious meals in no time with just a few simple steps: choose your food, preheat the appliance and place it on top of your ingredients. Enjoy sizzling masterpieces hot off the press!

Final decision when you want to buy a Electric Contact Grills

We are certain that you will find the perfect Electric Contact Grills in this top 10 list! Each of these models comes with amazing features and are designed to keep you comfortable and safe. Thanks for taking a look – we hope it helps!