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The Best Exhaust Pipes & Tips of the Year 2023

Discover the Top-Rated Exhaust Pipes & Tips of the Year

Give your vehicle some serious style points with a brand-new set of exhaust pipes and tips! This complete package will rev up the look, sound, and performance of your ride. You’ll be proud to show off the sleek new design, custom-crafted for added punch in every acceleration. And you won’t believe the improvement in how your car sounds – the unique note will turn heads and let everyone know you mean business when driving away. Get on the road to improved performance and style today. So don’t lose out on all the features that Exhaust Pipes & Tips  can offer.

These are top 10 The best Exhaust Pipes & Tips for 2023

HKS Legal Muffler

1. HKS Legal Muffler for New Camry XV70

Upgrade your ride with the sleek and stylish "Legal" muffler! Crafted from high-end, durable SUS304 stainless steel by TIG welding technology, this specialty product balances a great look outside with superior performance. The beautiful shape is complemented perfectly by a sportier sound to turn heads as you drive away - plus reduced exhaust backpressure for higher horsepower! An added bonus? Choose between carbon or titanium pipe ends - the latter burning into an attractive rainbow of colors that will make onlookers stop in their tracks. To ensure optimal heat resistance even under extreme conditions, Owens Corning's patented “Advantex” glass fiber offers top quality protection without compromising on aesthetics.
JTC Titanium

2. JTC Titanium Super Sport Exhaust Matte Finish

Upgrade your Honda City Hatchback or Turbo 4 door with the JTC Titanium Super Sport exhaust! Enjoy increased acceleration, handsome styling and a beautiful tail pipe design. Constructed from sus304 stainless steel for strength, this direct model features a matt finish and titanium rainbow end. Suitable for both Sedan and Hatchback models featuring 1.0 Turbo engines only - simply replace easily via tightened nuts to enjoy soft and firm sound effects as you drive away in style!
HKS Legamax Carbon

3. HKS Legamax Carbon Muffler for Isuzu All New D-Max

An HKS Legamax Carbon exhaust pipe will give your Isuzu All New D-Max 1.9 a boost of power and performance within the 2020 to 2023 model years. This genuine Japanese part requires no modification, just simple tightening of nuts for installation before you can experience its unique soft but tight sound that projects a real diesel mood with excellent acceleration!

Find the Perfect Exhaust Pipes & Tips for Your Vehicle - Our Top 4-10 Picks Reviewed!

Looking to give your vehicle a little extra oomph? Check out our top picks of exhaust pipes and tips – all rated, reviewed, and ready for you!

Siam Goshi SGM

4. Siam Goshi SGM (Silver) H2C CB150R Genuine Honda H2C

Transform your H2C CB150R into a unique and eye-catching ride with the Honda genuine parts from Siam Goshi's exclusive collection! Featuring renowned Japanese brand branding, this set of meticulously designed H2C components is extra reliable for lasting performance. Plus, all models fit perfectly - no more worries about compatibility issues when it comes to changing accessories on your bike. Unlock an unforgettable riding experience today!

5. Long Exhaust Tip Brand G-PIPE Exhaust

Finding the perfect exhaust pipe is like a quest. But, with G-PIPE Exhaust you'll be equipped to journey wherever your heart desires and still have those loud revs from your engine singing along! Whether it's the straight mouth or curved one that catches your eye in titanium or raw color - each 12 inches long for maximum efficiency - these pipes are designed to provide plenty of sound absorption plus offer an amazing look with their fierce yet soft tones. Perfect for all kinds of people who appreciate fat, large and long pots!
HKS pipe carbon black crevla color

6. HKS pipe, carbon tip, black crevla color

Upgrade your Mitsubishi with this top of the line HKS pipe and carbon end. This kevlar black beauty is made to fit both two-door and four door Pajero Sport or Montero Suv models from 2016 through 2019. Crafted in Thailand, you can rely on its long lasting quality thanks to a combination of ABS plastic, metal, and rubber construction as well as an adhesive tape ready for easy installation right at home - no fading over time either!

7. Exhaust pipe set, straight pipe model FORD RANGER​ 2022

Drive in style with the FORD RANGER 2022 model, fitted out with a JTC TITANIUM straight pipe set. Experience increased engine horsepower and torque for more fun behind the wheel - all without needing to modify your car body! Our sophisticated exhaust pipes provide not only improved performance but also softer sounds than can be heard from original models. For added assurance of quality every order comes freshly produced.
formula TZR VR 150

8. pipe formula TZR VR 150 pump head / pump end

At TZR, we understand that when it comes to pumps, details and precision matter. That's why our VR 150 pump head and pump end are the perfect combination of superior product detail, innovative pipes, and intricate formulas. With the VR 150 on your side, you get all this in one amazing package - ensuring that each task goes off without a hitch. No fussing with unnecessary pieces or struggling to make everything fit together - just simple precision engineering to get the job done quickly and effectively.
Xadv 750 18 inches

9. Xadv 750 pipe set, straight model, pipe end 18 inches

Experience superior performance with the Xadv 750 pipe set. This straight model boasts an 18-inch stainless steel and titanium end, with a real carbon kevlar mouthpiece and genuine carbon cover for added durability. Its laser logo ensures that your style stands out while its noise reduction stopper helps keep it quiet when you're on the move! With included strap and female nut, this elevated piece allows you to take comfort in knowing your experience will be top-notch every time.


The CUSTOM WORKS double pipe set for HONDA REBEL 300/500 delivers a bold, powerful sound. Not only does this stylish look enhance your ride's design, its durable and high quality construction ensures that you'll enjoy an unforgettable driving experience free from rust or corrosion. If desired, the original pipes can be replaced with powder coated paint to complete the accentuated appearance of power and grace on every journey!

What should I pay attention when i want to buying a good Exhaust Pipes & Tips?

When looking for the best exhaust pipes, it’s essential to first understand your needs and expectations. Not all parts are created equal – be sure to shop around and compare factors such as material quality and size. Whether you’re wondering about steel or aluminium, doubles or triples, one of these options is sure to take your vehicle performance up a notch! Do your research, meticulously scout the market and make sure you find the perfect upgrade for your car. There is sure to be an option out there that best suits you –good luck!

FAQ About Exhaust Pipes & Tips

Our research shows that the following 5 Exhaust Pipes & Tips are the best.
  1. HKS Legal Muffler for New Camry XV70
  2. JTC Titanium Super Sport Exhaust Matte Finish
  3. HKS Legamax Carbon Muffler for Isuzu All New D-Max
  4. Siam Goshi SGM (Silver) H2C CB150R Genuine Honda H2C
  5. Long Exhaust Tip Brand G-PIPE Exhaust

The exhaust pipe is a crucial component in any vehicle, functioning to filter pollutants and convert them into safer gas before they are released out of the tailpipe. While many people don’t often think about it, this remarkable system regulates emissions from vehicles like ours every day!

An exhaust tip is an ideal upgrade for those wanting to give their car a visually striking and performance-enhancing boost. Not only will the installation make your ride stand out from the crowd, but it also increases horsepower while cutting back on fuel consumption as well as reducing overall engine noise.

Final decision when you want to buy a Exhaust Pipes & Tips

We are certain that you will find the perfect Exhaust Pipes & Tips in this top 10 list! Each of these models comes with amazing features and are designed to keep you comfortable and safe. Thanks for taking a look – we hope it helps!